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Meet our CEO

Aram Kim, Sehwan Kim

Dr. Aram Kim is a professor and urological surgeon at Konkuk University Hospital. 
He currently operates the sole neurogenic bladder clinic in Korea. After years of witnessing the struggles that his patients endure every day, 
he is passionate to find a solution to improve the lives of people who are suffering from bladder incontinence. He has also appeared in several television and news media interviews to bring awareness to neurogenic bladder challenges.

Prof. Sehwan Kim is a professor at Dankook University Medical School.

He is Chief Technical officer of our company. 

He is responsible for overseeing technology-related activities within the company and making the final decisions.


Byeongil Kang 
Research Director

Junghoon Kim
Senior Research Engineer

Hyunseok Shin
Senior Research Engineer

Jeongsu Ryu
Senior Research Engineer

Seunghee Han
Junior Research Engineer

Hayeon Kim
Research Engineer

Geonho Lim
Research Engineer

Kiok Kim
Accounting Manager

Yeonhee Park
UIUX Designer / Research support

Jinseong Park
User Review Team


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